External Dial Thermometer



Vapor Proof Light Fixture



0058 Safe guard latch
0058-C Safe guard latch with lock
0059 Roller Strike
0487 Inside Release
1803 Vapor proof light fixture with globe
1094-F Door closer–flush
1094-O Door closer–overlap
1245-F Hinge chrome–flush
1245-O Hinge chrome–overlap
1248 Hinge chrome–spring load
0172 Mechanical magnetic latch–chrome
0172-C Mechanical magnetic latch–chrome with lock
1216-S Spring kit
1000 External Dial Thermometer
1015 Standard magnetic door gasket up to 60″
1030 Replacement door sweep up to 48″
1040 Standard Door heat tape up to 48″
Stock Kickplate 24″ High up to 36″ Wide / 60″ Wide
Stock Kickplate 36″ High up to 36″ Wide / 60″ Wide
Additional Parts and Hardware Available